Troubleshooting Guide

If you're having problems making your punches work easily, please consider the tips below.

As with scissors and knives, punch blades get dull with use. This is the case with every manufactured punch brand.

But fear not! For there is an easy solution to keep your punches in good working order. Simply punch through aluminum foil to sharped the blades. You can also punch through wax paper to lubricate them as well. If you're planning to punch out many shapes for a large project, it's good to occasionally sharpen the blades to ensure cleanly cut shapes and ease of use.

To further promote good maintenance, we make an exclusive punch lubricant called the Punch Doctor, which is specifically designed to lubricate your punches, without leaving behind a messy residue.

Yes, this is completely normal. Larger punches, like our super giant and mega giant sizes generally require more exertion to press down than our smaller sizes, which are typically easy to use with a bit of finger strength. But for larger punches and thicker paper this may not be enough.

We recommend placing the punch flat on a sturdy craft table and press down using the palm of your hand. If you have arthritis, or need to create a lot of very large shapes, we recommend using our Power Punch accessory to provide extra leverage. The Power Punch was specifically designed to alleviate fatigue and make the punching process quicker and easier for large punches and large projects. When combined with our Power Punch, we believe you'll find our punches to be the quickest and easiest to use on the market.

If your punch is brand new, you may find the mechanism is not easy to press, or may feel as if there is an obstruction blocking the die.

Occasionally aluminum burs may be present following the die-casting process, which may obstruct the blades and prevent the punch from being pressed easily. To solve this problem, press your punch swiftly and repeatedly with the heel of your hand against a sturdy surface to shave away these burs, careful not to damage the punch. You'll notice the button will break free, and should now be easy to operate.

If this doesn't work, the die may be misaligned, in which case you would need to contact us for a replacement.

If your punch is "frozen" in place, one method which works well is ironically enough, to place it in a freezer for a period of 30 minutes. The cold air will cause the metal to contract and could free the die.

You can also press the die from the bottom end to force the button to pop back up. In most cases if your punch is stuck, it generally does not mean it is broken.

Certain factors may increase the odds of a punch sticking, including using very thick paper like business or loyalty cards, punching with very small and/or intricate designs, and/or punching through materials others than paper.

If you find this problem continues, or the blade seems permanently stuck, please contact us for a replacement. We will replace defective punches which do not work properly in accordance with our recommended media. Please see our warranty page for further information.

We hope these tips prove useful. But if you still need assistance, please contact us.

Happy Punching!